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Holiday Express - Work Site Project

Holiday Inn Express – Construction Project

The Holiday Inn Express is located at 2125 Corporate Center Drive, in Trinity, Florida. It is just between U.S. 19 and the Suncoast Parkway in the high-growth State Road 54/56 corridor. The hotel construction will be first hotel in Trinity in West Pasco County. Check out some of our Rentalex equipment at work at the Holiday Inn Express construction project.

Boomlift Skyjack SJ61T

Rentalex Boomlift Skyjack SJ61T
Customer: MPH Hotels

Forklift 6000LB JLG G6-42A

Rentalex Forklift 6000LB 42′ JLG G6-42A
Customer: MPH Hotels

Holiday Inn Indian Rocks Beach – Construction Project

The Holiday Inn Indian Rocks Beach Hotel is located at 401 2nd Street East, just 7.4 miles south of Clearwater Beach and 13.6 miles north of St. Pete Beach. The hotel expansion plans consist of an addition of 100 new rooms to be built alongside the new Indian Rocks Beach water park in a building separate from the main structure. Check out some of our Rentalex construction equipment at work at the Holiday Inn construction project.

Forklift GTH-1056 Genie

Rentalex 10000 LB Forklift 56′ Reach GTH-1056 Genie
Customer: Wichman Construction

Forklift JCB

Opal Sands Resort – Construction Project

The New luxury Beach Resort located at 430 S. Gulfview Blvd., is one of the most-anticipated projects on the horizon for the booming Clearwater Beach area. Opal Sands Resort is a 15-story hotel that will boast 230 guest rooms and suites, each with private balconies and unparalleled views of the Gulf of Mexico. Check out some of our Rentalex construction equipment at work for the Clearwater Beach Resort construction project.

Forklift 6000LB JCB 506C
Forklift 6000LB JCB 506C

Rentalex Forklift 6000LB 36′ JCB 506C
Customer: Burkett Stucco – Moss (General Contractor)

Forklift 6000LB JCB 506C
Forklift 6000LB JCB 506C

Rentalex Forklift 6000LB 36′ JCB 506C
Customer: Burkett Stucco – Moss (General Contractor)

Boomlift 4x4 TB85J Snorkel
Forklift JCB
Forklift JCB

Rentalex Boomlift 4×4 TB85J Snorkel / Forklift JCB
Customer: Burkett Stucco – Moss (General Contractor)

NEW Tampa Premium Outlets – Construction Project

The New Tampa Premium Outlets located at 2398 Grand Cypress Drive, Lutz, Florida 33559, will provide a one-stop shopping and diverse retail offerings that will appeal to the entire customer base, which includes not only southwest Florida residents but tourists, as well.

When complete, the 441,000 square-foot shopping center will house an enviable collection of retail goods such as apparel and shoes, fashion accessories, leather goods, home furnishings, and specialty items. Tampa Premium Outlets will also offer a Food Pavilion with multiple dining options to satisfy every taste.

See some pictures of our Rentalex scissor lifts at use in the New Tampa Premium Outlets construction project in Tampa, Florida.

Scissor Lift SJIII3219 Skyjack
Scissor Lift SJIII3219 Skyjack

Rentalex Scissor Lift SJIII3219 Skyjack
Customer: Lewis Electrical Design

Scissor Lift Skyjack

Rentalex Scissor Lift Skyjack
Customer: Miles Electric

Snorkel TM12 Scissor Lift

Rentalex Snorkerl TM12 Vertical Scissor Lift
Customer: BMTTOW Air Inc

Skyjack Scissor Lift

Rentalex Skyjack Scissor Lift
Customer: Marshall Electric

Skyjack Scissor Lift

Rentalex JLG Scissor Lift
Customer: Marshall Electric

Komatsu Forklift

Tampa International Airport – Construction Project

The airport expansion project is one of the most ambitious public works projects in Tampa Bay history. The expansion adds more than 55,000 square feet to the third floor of the terminal. The renovation includes lounge areas and distinct spaces for business travelers and families, green zones with plenty of plants, and art installations.

Tampa International Airport is located at 4100 George J Bean Pkwy, just six miles west of Downtown Tampa. Take a look at some of the pictures of our Rentalex Forklifts at work for the Tampa International Airport construction project.

Forklift 6000LB JLG G6-42A
Forklift 6000LB JLG G6-42A

Rentalex Forklift 6000LB 42′ JLG G6-42A
Customer: American Constructioneers

Rentalex 5K LB Forklift PR/CUSH
Rentalex 5K LB Forklift PR/CUSH

Rentalex 5K LB Forklift PR/CUSH
Customer: Tagarelli Construction

San Marin Apartments in Tampa – Construction Project

The San Marin Apartments are located at 3501 W. Waters Avenue, just one block east of the dining, shops and nightlife available on Dale Mabry Boulevard. Check out the latest pictures of some of our customers using Rentalex boomlifts and backhoes for their construction project in the San Marin Apartments in Tampa, Florida.

Boomlift 4x4 Snorkal TB66J
Boomlift 4x4 Snorkal TB66J

Rentalex Boomlift 4×4 Snorkal 66′ TB66J DS
Customer: Copperline Partners

Tractor Backhoe JD310G
Tractor Backhoe JD310G

Rentalex Tractor Backhoe JD310G
Customer: New South – Parking Lot Maintenance

Boomlift 4x4 JLG 400S
Articulating Boom Lifts SJ46AJ Skyjack

Rentalex Boomlift 4×4 – 40′ JLG 400S Gas / Articulating Boom Lift SJ46AJ Skyjack
Customer: F&S Frame & Trim

Boomlift 4X4 Artic JLG 600AJ DS
Boomlift 4X4 Artic JLG 600AJ DS
Boomlift 4X4 Artic JLG 600AJ DS

Rentalex Boomlift 4X4 Artic JLG 60′ 600AJ DS
Customer: Cross Construction Services

How To ChooseThe Right Pot Size For Your Plants?

How To ChooseThe Right Pot Size For Your Plants?

Pot Sizes - General Standard Sizes

Pot Sizes – General Standard Sizes

Deciding which pot size to use when a plant needs to be up-sized can give someone a headache. Pot sizes often come in different sizes. You will probably find some in inches, some in gallons, and even some in fluid ounces, which can make the process quite confusing.

When the time comes to choose a new pot, you have to keep in mind that the container volume will affect the maintenance. Generally, larger plants would require additional space for roots. Larger, thicker pots or insulated pots can frequently do a better job protecting roots.

Pot Size

Standard Pot Sizes

Also, the shape you use when planting or up-sizing will matter. Tall containers will work better forplants that form deep root ball such as palms, shrubs, among many others. On the other hand, wide pots are ideal for plants with thin roots such as ferns, succulents, and cacti.

The general accepted standard pots sizes are similar in that the deepness equals the diameter at the rim. Some of the larger sizes are prone to variances in height, width and depth of the pot. See our table of conversion with the standard various sizes and measurements for pot sizes.

Pot Sizes Conversion Table
Centimeters to Inches to Gallons to Liters
10 cm =
13-15 cm =
18-20 cm =
22 cm =
25 cm =
30 cm =
36 cm =
41 cm =
46 cm =
61 cm =
76 cm =
4” In =
5-6” In =
7-8” In =
8.5” In =
10” In =
12” In =
14” In =
16” In =
18” In =
24” In =
30” In =
0.5 quart =
0.25 quart =
1 gal =
2 gal =
3 gal =
5 gal =
7 gal =
10 gal =
15 gal =
25 gal =
30 gal =
0.5 L
1 L
4 L
7.5 L
11 L
19 L
26 L
38 L
57 L
95 L
114 L