Manufacturer: COENCO
Model: COENCO II 24″
4 Hour: $42
Daily: $69
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A totally new dimension of performance in efficient effective air movement, plus capability, quality and durability just not seen before this type of equipment. One Coenco Real Air Mover replaces 3 to 5 of the usual 36″ and 42″ fan on wheels.

Motors: Single or 3 phase available.
All motors are custom made for Coenco, single or 3 phase with thermal protection so that no starter or fuses are necessary.
Full 5 year motor warranty & another 5 year limited motor warranty for normal use.
All aircraft aluminum stainless steel
Space age fan technology
Motor power efficiency – a bullet of air up to 560 feet per minute velocity at 80 feet
A unique pressure volume velocity of air movement that pulls cool air while leaving warmer air (3 degrees)