Manufacturer: BARRETO
Model: 2036TKH
4 Hour: $115
Daily: $165
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his powerful tracked trencher is capable of creating trenches very quickly and easily up to 10 cm wide and 91 cm deep for the installation of cables, gas and water pipes, etc. The tracked trencher is very easy to use: only 1 control handle for both tracks!

The powerful 2 cylinder Honda 20 HP provides more than enough capacity for a smooth functioning of traction as well as chain. The combined digging chain consists of Tungsten Carbide spikes and shovels. With the exception of rocks this machine is fit for every soil condition. The hydraulic drive of the tracks as well as the chain makes this machine extremely reliable and easy to maintain. The trencher can easily be controlled by 1 person and ensures a higher output and much lower cost than any other mini-excavator. Therefore it is highly appreciated by excavation workers and building contractors.

Technical specifications

Motor: Honda 20 HP
Weight: 700 kg
Trench depth: variable from 0 to 91 cm
Trench width: 10 cm
Speed: forward max. 3,5 km/h
Speed: reverse max. 1,65 km/h
Width: 91 cm