*NEW* Cut-Off Saw Hilti DSH 700X – FOR SALE

Manufacturer: HILTI
Model: DSH 700X
Price: $1,279.95

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Hilti DSH 700 Saw

Hilti DSH 700 Saw

The Hilti DSH 700-X is a hand-held gas saw with easy-starting 70 ccm engine with automatic choke. It’s ideal for cutting to depths of up to 4.9″.


  • Easy starting – unique automatic choke system
  • Easy maintenance – starter rope and filter replacement
  • Cyclone filter – for maximum filter lifetime and consistently high power


  • Laying paving: Cutting curbstones and paving slabs to size
  • Road construction: Perimeter cutting in asphalt and concrete
  • Floor construction: Cutting expansion joints in fresh concrete
  • Metalwork: Cutting steel profiles, pipes and steel sheets
  • Construction work: Cutting out
* Prices are subject to change