Manufacturer: KUBOTA
Model: L2800D
4 Hour: $265
Daily: $325
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  • Power – This tractor comes equipped with a 915 cu in engine producing 30 horsepower @ 2,800 rpm. Compared to the average compact tractor which produces 41 horsepower, this model produces 30 hp, 26.8% less, certainly worth noting if you intend to use your machine for any strenuous task. In addition, the engine produces 25 power take-off (PTO) horsepower, 24.2% less than the compact average of 33 hp, placing it near the lower bound of power available for implements.
  • Lift Capacity – With a lift capacity of 1,435 lbs, this model can only lift 40% as much as the average compact, which lifts 2,383 lbs, a major concern if using a loader is integral to your decision.
  • Speed – The L2800 can travel at a maximum speed of 14.7 mph, 0.8 mph slower than the average compact, which can travel at a maximum of 15.5 mph, worth noting if traveling to and from a worksite is an important factor in your decision.
  • Transmission – This Kubota comes standard with a 8 forward-speed hydrostatic transmission and a clutch. The average compact tractor’s transmission features 9 speeds while this model features 8, which is 1 fewer than its average competitor, meaning it may not be ideal for work that requires a very precise speed.
  • Operating Weight – An average compact tractor weighs 3,527 lbs while this model weighs 2,403 lbs, 32% less than its average competitor. If working on loose ground is integral to your decision, this model is certainly worth considering.


  • Manufacturer: Kubota
  • Model: L2800
  • Type: Farm / Agricultural Tractor
  • Engine Gross Power: 30HP
  • Engine (Net): 28.6 HP
  • No. of Cylinders: 3
  • Total Displacement: 91.5 c
  • Rated Revolution: 2800
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 9.0 gal
  • Air Cleaner: Single Element (Dual Optional)
  • Brake: Multiple Wet, Disc.
  • Power Steering: Integral Type Power Steering
  • Wheelbase: 63.3 in
Kubota L2800 Tractor

Kubota L2800D Tractor

PDF Version Kubota L2800 Specifications
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