2017 RYAN 18″ SOD CUTTER #4973


2014 Sod Cutter 18" Ryan Honda
Sod Cutter 18" Ryan Honda
2017 Ryan Jr.  Sod Cutter 18″ Honda Gas #4973 - Ryan heavy duty sod cutters are user-friendly and will conquer the job no matter what size. They are portable, responsive, and adapt to a variety of soil conditions. Whether you’re cutting sod around curved landscapes, or cutting on a sod farm or sports field, a Ryan sod cutter will exceed your expectations. The Ryan Model 544944A is similar in size to the 544844 model, but it uses a different engine. This sod cutter has a 5.5-HP Honda engine.
  • Speed: Up to 135 ft/min.
  • Cutting Width: 12in or 18in.
  • Cutting Thickness: Adjustable to 2.5in.
  • Overall Size: 25in W x 53in L x 40in H
  • Weight: 298lbs - 356lbs
PDF Version Ryan 544944A Operators Manual