Used Bradco 625 Skidsteer / Track Loader Trencher Attachment For Sale
6" wide 4' Digging Depth | Serial Number: #341013 | Unit Number: #91985363

Bradco 625 Trencher Attachment
Bradco 625 Trencher Attachment
Bradco manufactures a range of trenchers for both skid-steer mounting and tractor mounting. The Model 625 trencher is designed for standard flow skid-steer loaders with 14 to 22 GPM flow.

This item number is a Bradco 625 Trencher assembly which comes with a boom and chain assembly capable of digging a 48" deep, 6" wide trench. The chain has teeth at every station, perfect for standard digging conditions with light to moderately compacted, sandy, loam soils or loosely-packed gravelly soils. The heavy-duty boom & crumber has replaceable wearing strips. The digging chain has 50,000 lb. tensile strength, with 2” pitch. Bradco 625 Trenchers feature fixed length booms with spring-loaded, self adjusting idler with full rock guards.

  • Aggressive 6” chain that is very well suited for this style of trencher.
  • Easy manual side shift.
  • Flow Rating: 14 - 23 GPM.
  • 18" Auger discharge.
  • Manual 17" side shift is standard, hydraulic side shift kit optional
  • Universal skid-steer mount for 14 to 22 GPM
  • Brand: Bradco
  • Model: 625
  • Trench depth: 48"
  • Chain widths: 6"
  • Chain style: 2" pitch, anti back flex, teeth every station.
PDF Version Bradco 625 Specifications