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Model: GH2T-15
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Sumner 785100 GH2T 2 Ton Portable Gantry Crane with 15ft Beam. The Sumner GH2T-15 has a wide-reaching 15-foot beam with the capacity to lift 4,400 pounds (2 tons).  With a maximum working span of 142 inches, it’s built sturdy to hoist heavy, dense loads.  The gantry itself weighs 332 pounds, and the 15-foot beam weighs 82 pounds. Despite the power contained in this gantry lift, the operator has the flexibility to move the lift with the 8-inch, locking caster wheels.  There is an overall span of 181 inches between the wheels.  Use these wheels to position the gantry or move it.  Even fold it and roll it for easy storage.  The maximum height of the A frame in the folded, stowed position is 100 inches.

The gantry lift is modeled with precision for stability while it lifts.  The maximum height to the lifting eye is 114 inches, and the minimum height to the lifting eye is 84 inches.  The maximum height to the top of the trolley is 128.5 inches.  The operator will have the flexibility to adjust the height by 6 inches and adjust the overall span by 13 inches.  The maximum width of the A-frame is 60.625 inches.


  • Model: GH2T-15
  • Part: 785100
  • Gantry Model: GH2T-15 (15′ Beam)
  • Gantry Casters: GH2T-15 (15′ / 10″ Casters)
  • Height To Lifting Eye: 114″ Max / 84″Min
  • Max Height to top of Trolley: 128.5″
  • Max Working Span: 142″
  • Span Between Wheels: 181″
  • Height Adjustment: 6″
  • Span Adjustment: 13″
  • Max Width of “A” Frame: 60.625″
  • Max Height of “A” frame: 100″
  • Gantry Weight: 323.0 lbs
  • Beam Part #: 785150
  • Beam Model: 15′
  • Beam Weight: 82.0 lbs


  • Light Weight
  • Extremely Portable
  • Minimum Parts
  • Quick Height Adjustment
  • Quick Set Up & Tear Down
  • Adjustable Span
  • Annodized Finish
  • Pinch Point Free
  • 2 Ton 2 Metric Ton 4,400 lbs
Sumner 785100 GH2T 2 Ton Portable Gantry

Sumner 785100 GH2T 2 Ton Portable Gantry

PDF Version Sumner 785100 Specifications
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