Manufacturer: CROSSJET
Model: AC92-23HP
4 Hour: $245
Daily: $245
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Machine primarily designated for mulching of broken and unattended terrain. Easy manages to cut woody plants, brier bush or high-grown reed. In the whole Europe is Crossjet favourite especially for its unique characteristics while maintaining road ditches, ski slopes, river and pond beds, cutting grass in tree nursery,…. By using of original accessories is possible to use Crossjet for the whole year. We produce Crossjet in 2 basic versions. The basic version is Crossjet 4×1 with drive of rear wheels. For more exacting users there is available version with four-wheel drive Crossjet 4×4.


  • ┬áRobust frame and mowing design
  • Massive mulching knife with free blades
  • Triggering of mowing with electromagnetic clutch
  • Ease of operation and operator comfort
  • Tank – 10 liters with fuel gauge
  • Use of safety belt
  • High maneuverability
  • High work performance
  • Increased sloping accessibility by using a front drive axle
  • Protective safety frame


  • Professional engine: Briggs & Stratton VANGUARD
  • Engine type: twin cylinder 23HP
  • Drive: 4×4
  • Professional transmission: hydrostatic
  • Drive of rear axle: transmission Tuff Torq K664
  • Drive of front axle: transmission Kanzaki KXH 10M
  • Differential lock: yes – mechanical
  • Cutting deck: one-rotor with free blades
  • Cutting high: 50 – 120, 5 positions + transport position
  • Accelerator control: manual
  • Speed control: yes, manual
  • Clutch: electromagnetic
  • Fuel tank: 12 l with fuel gauge
  • Front wheels: 16 – V-shaped inches
  • Rear wheels: 20 – V-shaped inches
  • Parking brake: yes
  • Battery: 12V 32Ah
  • Front lights: halogen with LED diodes
  • Hour meter: yes, with service dates
  • Seat: comfortable
  • Upper protective frame: yes, folding
  • Bumper: front + rear
  • Drive control: manual
Crossjet AC 92-23HP 4WD

Crossjet AC 92-23HP 4WD Brush Mower

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