Manufacturer: AIR ROVER
Model: XL22AB 22.5 KBTU
4 Hour: $161
Daily: $161
Air Rover XL14AB Portable Air Conditioner
Air Rover XL22AB Air Conditioner
Air Rover XL Series portable HVAC systems provide environmental stability for a wide range of spot cooling applications. Air Rover's XL Series portable air conditioners can be deployed in a corner on the floor or mounted on a wall or ceiling.  If preferred, the units can be positioned in a separate room with cold, filtered air ducted via floor, ceiling, or wall vent. Highly configurable and easily deployable, XL Series air conditioners provide a stable environment for computer equipment and significantly improve the comfort level in corporate office areas.
  • Heavy duty 18 ga precision sheet metal cabinet
  • Adjustable directional air nozzles.
  • Programmable Thermostat (24Vac), unit- or wall-mounted. Can interface with building computer operation systems.
  • Externally accessible servicing ports and sight glass
  • Hinged condenser filter access door
  • Heady duty industrial casters (all swivel, 2 with brakes)
  • Powder coat finish (durable, scratch-resistant)
  • Independent evaporator and condenser mo tors (high static, high volume)
  • Removable, permanent washable condenser and evaporator filters
  • Vacuum-formed internal drain pan with two drain openings on opposite corners. Unit shuts off if clogged.
  • High quality coils (enhanced lanced aluminum finish, rifled copper tubing)
  • Built-in condenser air intake and exhaust plenums
* Prices are subject to change. Tax and other fees not shown in above price estimate.
  • Model: XL22AB
  • Cooling Capacity BTU: 22,000
  • *Optional Heating Capacity: NA
  • Air Flow (CFM) Evap/Cond: 600/1200
  • Operating Conditions: 55ºF - 105ºF
  • Voltage - Phase: 115V • 1ø
  • Supply Wire Size: #12
  • Power (kw): 2.2
  • Current (amps): 15.9
  • Circuit Breaker Size (amps): 20
  • NEMA Plug Configuration: 5-20
  • Dimensions HxDxW (in): 46 x 30 x 34
  • Weight (lbs): 357/421
  • Humidity Removed at 60% RH (gal/hr): 1.5
  • Drain Tank Capacity (gal): 5
  • Intake & Exhaust Duct Flanges: Included
  • Sound Level (db) with/without duct: 63/64
  • Quantity of Nozzles: 2
  • Fan Type - Evap/Cond: Direct Drive
  • Refrigerant Charge (R22) oz: 54
PDF Version Air Rover XL22AB Operator's Manual