Briggs & Stratton P2400 PowerSmart Series Inverter Generator
Briggs & Stratton P2400 Portable Generator
Enjoy the little conveniences of home anywhere. Quietly. Because of the Quiet Power Technology®, our inverter generators are quieter than traditional camping generators. This P2400 PowerSmart Series™ generator is also safe for sensitive equipment, like your smartphone, laptop, TV and game systems. The handy portable generator can supply your equipment with power for 8 hours straight (at 25% load). It delivers 2400 starting watts and 1800 running watts.

This P2400 features 2x 230V household sockets, one 12V DC charging outlet and two 5V USB ports. Do you need more power? You can link two inverter generators with the optional connector kit. Briggs & Stratton petrol inverter generators are compact and easy to manoeuvre. While providing the power you need. These inverter generators are low maintenance, and ready for all your outdoor leisure needs.

  • Safe for Sensitive Electronics - The inverter technology produces smoother power. This means you can safely recharge and power your sensitive electronics such as laptops, smartphones and gaming systems.
  • Designed for Camping - The lightweight design and quiet generator operation makes this the best backup power solution for camping and outdoor recreation.
  • Quiet Power Technology - Automatically adjusts engine speed based on the items you're powering. Quiet Power Technology further reduces noise, fuel consumption and emissions.
  • Quiet Portable Generator - At 58dB operating volume, this portable generator is quieter than a normal conversation. In other words, it blends into the background of social situations.
  • Multiple Outlets for Your Power Needs - Two 230V household sockets, one 12V DC charging outlet, and two 5V USB port offer enough flexibility to power an extensive combination of lights, laptops, blenders, personal electronics and more.
  • Easy Mobility - An H-handle design lets one person easily carry the light generator when needed. It also allows two people to conveniently share the load.
  • Parallel Connector Port - A dedicated parallel outlet lets you connect two units together for even more power - perfect for RVs with air-conditioning units. Parallel connector kit is sold separately.
  • CO Guard™ Carbon Monoxide Shutdown - Advanced Detection. Added Protection. This patent-pending technology shuts down your generator when harmful levels of carbon monoxide accumulate in the generator's operating area.
  • Model Number: 030800
  • Starting Watts: 2400
  • Running Watts: 1800
  • Voltage (V): 230
  • Frequency (Hz): 50
  • Noise Level (dB(A)): 58
  • Run time: 8h
  • Outlets: 2x 230V / 16 Amp, 1x 12V / 5 Amp DC Charging outlet, 2x USB
  • Starter: Recoil
  • Engine Configuration: 4-stroke OHV
  • Displacement (cc): 79
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (l): 3,8
  • Automatic Low Oil Shut Down: Yes
  • Circuit Breaker: Yes
  • Transport Handle: Twin carry handle
  • Weight (kg): 22,7
  • Length (cm): 51
  • Width (cm): 31
  • Height (cm): 44