Manufacturer: BRADCO
Model: HP450

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Bradco 18" High Flow Skid Steer Cold Planer HP450 - The Bradco Cold Planer, by Paladin, is an effective tool for small milling jobs, as well as asphalt and concrete pothole and frost heave repair, curb cutting, pavement texturing and removal of traffic lane stripes and roadway around manholes.

  • Independent self-leveling depth adjustment plates allows for precise lapping cuts and taper cuts
  • Planetary drive delivers high torque
  • High rear spoil clearance to prevent recirculation of material
  • Protective shields for hydraulic & electrical components
  • Solid hardened steel wheels with greasable manifold pins and secluded greased zerks
  • Exclusive angled spoil guard wheel design prevents wheels from riding up and over millings, this feature provides more force to the cutting action by significantly reducing rolling resistance and allow for maintained control over depth of cut
  • T1 steel construction in high wear areas
  •  Depth & tilt position indicators
  • Standard general purpose picks
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  • Hydraulic Requirements: High Flow
  • Hydraulic Flow (GPM): 22 to 40
  • Width (overall): 64.94"
  • Height (overall): 34.57"
  • Length (overall): 50.30"
  • Planing Width: 18"
  • Planing Depth: 0" to 5"
  • Tilt: ±8°
  • Drum Diameter: 22"
  • Number of Carbide Picks: 45
  • Weight (lbs): 2,200
  • Sideshift center to right: -3" to 22"
  • Operating Pressure (PSI): 2,500 to 3,000
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