Manufacturer: BOBCAT
Model: 54″ HYD TILLER
4 Hour: $144
Daily: $144
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Adjustable Skid Shoes: Deliver depth control for more precise tilling operation. Bi-Directional Rotation: Allows for top-cutting a nd under-cutting when operating in either direction, maximizing attachment versatility and increasing operating capabilities. Bob-Tach Mounting System: Turns any Bobcat loader into a multi-job machine with a tight-fit attachment hook-up. Fast and easy attachment changes means spending less time on maintenance and more time on the job. Replaceable Tines: Hardened for maximum soil penetration, the double-edge tines break through clumps and tear through materials to deliver loosened soil for preparing the ground. Offset Mounting: Permits tilling next to sidewalks, curbs, and buildings, increasing jobsite capabilities of the tiller attachment. Slip-Clutch Protection: Delivering greater uptime protection, the slip-clutch prevents drive-line component damage.

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