How Does A Carpet Extractor Work?

Namco Carpet Extractor

The dirt that people track into carpets from outside usually finds its way beneath the surface of the carpet – no matter how expensive the carpet may be. This is one thing that all carpets have in common. In simple terms, a carpet extractor is a carpet cleaner which “extracts” the dirt and stains to clean the fibres of a carpet, leaving it clean and sanitized.

It is no accident that most of us prefer carpet in our homes and businesses; it is attractive, warm, colorful, and adds to the aesthetics of any environment. In order to maintain the carpet’s appeal, it must be cleaned regularly, and the first port of call is the faithful vacuum cleaner. A vacuum is an important part of a carpet cleaning regime, but much of the residue we deposit on the carpet is oily or sticky, which over time can make vacuuming difficult.

The carpet is usually made up of fibres that are cut, knotted, and backed with a material. Carpets are constructed from different types of knots such as loops or twists, and the length and density of the knots forming the pile of the carpet varies. Other than wool, there are a variety of materials that can be used for carpeting, including jute, sisal, and plastics like polyester and nylon, which are chosen partly for their aesthetics and partly for their durability. Using a carpet extractor and appropriate chemicals will be beneficial in cleaning all types of carpet, as well as for “spot cleaning”, which removes isolated stains that need intensive cleaning.

Extractors use a mild solution of hot or cold water and a cleaning chemical, which are applied to the carpet and agitated deeply into the pile. By absorbing the dirt in a cleaning solution, the mixture is then vacuumed into the extractor, where it is subsequently disposed of. It’s important for operators to understand the composition of the carpet and to choose the right cleaning chemical for any one job.

Carpet Extractor Types

  • When manoeuvrability is problematic or a machine is needed for occasional stain removal, a small lightweight machine is ideal. In addition to being highly portable, this type of carpet cleaner is also quick to assemble.
  • A large extraction cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning large areas of carpeted flooring, combining simplicity of use with a range of sophisticated pressure and solution controls, ensuring the unit can handle any task, large or small.