Debris Hauling and Moving Equipment

demolition equipment

If you require debris collection and transportation, there are three types of machines that are specifically designed for the job.

  • Articulated Trucks – Articulated dump trucks have a pivot point right behind the cab, allowing them to operate more easily on unstable and difficult terrain on a demolition site. They can easily drive through demolition sites and handle and transport massive amounts of wood, masonry, steel, and other heavy items. Articulated trucks are ideally suited for transporting large quantities of materials at once, hauling materials to off-road places, and clearing land. The most suitable terrain for articulated trucks is  rough terrain,  slipping mud, grades that are steep, and ruts that are deep and harsh.
  • Bulldozers – Bulldozers with different blade attachments are useful for moving heavy rubble from one location to another. Rippers at the back of the bulldozer may also break down rocks and dirt. You may also use a rake attachment to push huge mounds of garbage more smoothly. Bulldozers are also classified as crawler, wheel, or small. Crawler bulldozers are better suited for small-scale projects on uneven terrain, such as plains and farms. Wheel bulldozers, on the other hand, are larger machines that are perfect for leveling and clearing huge areas on softer terrain.

    Mini bulldozers are utilized in tight locations, such as on construction projects. There are numerous bulldozer sizes to select from, with horsepower ranging from 70 to 249 hp. Bulldozers are ideal for demolition tasks such as loading and moving huge objects or demolition debris materials, as well as clearing and leveling terrain. Uneven and irregular terrain is ideal for bulldozers.
  • Wheel Loaders – A front-mounted bucket on a wheel loader is useful for digging into the ground and scooping things such as dirt, rock, and demolition waste. Loaders are classified into several varieties, including skid, track, and backhoe, each having a distinct purpose. Wheel loaders, for example, are ideal for transferring huge loads to and from job sites, but a skid steer loader must be hauled by semi-truck.

    Wheel loaders are suitable for activities that require transporting rubble or materials from one location to another because they are more maneuverable than tracked vehicles. Rentable vehicles range in size from 2-cubic-yard loaders to trucks twice that size. A wheel loader is ideal for demolition jobs like hauling fine materials, moving huge materials, loading cargo into other machinery, and digging to transport large materials. The best terrain for wheel loaders is uneven terrain with rocks, wood, dirt, demolition rubble, or rubbish.

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